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Why we are building it....

Some of the best discipleship happens around a fire in the evening when everyone is relaxing after a long day. People share a late-night cup of tea, and conversations, they open up and share about ministry struggles, issues they are facing in their family or church. This space provides fertile ground for growth in life and Christ. Our June trip will be building this space at the Rural Pastors Training Institute's Jinja Property. 

We will be digging out the fire pit and setting the fire ring and then placing a small pea gravel around the fire pit. We would like to build chairs out of pallets or available wood if we have the money and resources to do so. Your gift will help purchase the needed materials so that our team can build this amazing space that will be used for decades to come in the discipleship of countless pastors, their wives and Christ followers. Wont you play a part in setting a fire in the hearts of Believers in Uganda

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