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Dollar Bills

Hey There,
Do You Want a Financial Update?

We want you to celebrate with us as God provides the needed funds for our mission trip.  Often, we get asked, "How much has been raised?"  This page will give you an overview of our progress thus far.  Please thank God with us!

Raised Approximately $0 For the Mission Team

*based on 8 trip participants

*Subject to change depending on the price of airfare.

-Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow-

Past Trips

The team worked hard to sell candy and they did a really great job!  Some of this money was used to replenish candy supplies so selling could continue, some funds were invested in support supplies, and some funds went to help a couple of team members acquire passports. After raising trip funds the team acquired enough to travel to Uganda!! Hear the stories that happened along the way--

Neat Story #1:

Elijah had been selling candy in Carson City and was told by several places to come back at a future date.  So, he returned to a particular business to offer them the opportunity to purchase candy from him the next day... When he enters this business, he finds out that he had mistaken them for another place. This place had already bought candy from him, but they were excited to see him because they had a story he needed to hear.  They told him that God must have sent him the day before because shortly after he had left their place of business, they had a lady come in off of the street who was struggling with low sugar due to diabetes and she asked them if they had anything sweet that she could eat.  As they looked down, they saw the candy they had just bought from Elijah, so they gave it to her! They were convinced that God had brought Elijah through their doors for this reason!! On Elijah's return visit, they purchased a couple more pieces of candy from him :) 

Neat Story #2:

Carol was selling candy to people in her community, as she did, she approached a man and asked him if he'd like to support the mission team heading to Uganda this summer.  She told him she was selling candy and asked if he'd like to buy some.  He said, "Sure!" and pulled out an One Hundred Dollar bill, to which Carol said, "Oh, I don't have change for that large of bill..." He looked back at her and said, "No, problem, keep it all."

Neat Story #3:

The kids were out selling candy this past week and they were able to sell 7 packs (50 pieces per pack) within 2 and half hours!  With the donations that people gave on top of purchasing candy they brought in almost $400 in this short amount of time.

Neat Story #4:

The kids were out selling candy and they stopped in a church to see if they'd purchase some candy from them.  They were greeted by a lady who only had $1.00 to spend, but who felt compelled to pray over them and for our mission!

Neat Story #5:

Yesterday, the kids set up a bake sale.  Because the kids have done so many sales, they are kinda tired of fundraising, but have stuck with it. As they sat out front of the church the traffic flow was very slow and they were discouraged...So I went to prayer, journaling specific requests to God, as the kids sat there defeated and tired.  I asked God to allow them to sell quickly the rest of their bake goods and I also asked God to somehow bring in $100 for them to encourage them even though we didn't have that much to sell. At the time that I was praying, Elijah was still inside finishing up homework and planned to help them as soon as he was finished.  I ended my time of prayer and walked inside and said to Elijah, "I want you to go ahead and join them outside, but I want you to take a bake sale sign down to the corner and direct traffic this way."  So he did ... He walked down the street and didn't even get to the corner before a handyman named Uncle Todd stopped and handed him $100 and said to him, "Give me all you have, and keep the change!!!" Thank you God, you do GREAT things!!!!

Personal Sponsorships

As of May 2024, our team members have been sponsored by various people and the total amount raised in sponsorships is __________

Current Status of Each Team Member Approximated

Personal Sponsorships (+) Fundraising Efforts

(Updated May 2, 2024)

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$2,500 Estimated Cost Per Person

*Subject to change depending on actual trip costs

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