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For Trip Participants and Volunteers:

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What to Expect...

The first thing you need to know about taking a mission trip is that you must be flexible with your expectations and plans, because they can change and probably will.  That said, this page is an overview of what this year's mission trip will be. Check back often as it will be updated as plans get put in place closer to the trip.


Trip Travel Plan:

  • Fly out of Grand Rapids (or your prospective airport) on January 27th and arrive in Entebbe, Uganda on the 28th.

  • Approx. Cost $2,000 (Airline, Lodging, Transportation, Translation)

  • You will also need a Passport, Visa, and Yellow Fever Shot 

  • Must have a negative Covid test within 72 hrs. to boarding a plane

  • Our return flight leaves Entebbe on February 4th and will return to the USA on February 5th

(*This trip may shift one day earlier/later depending on ticket prices)


Village Ministry

In the villages, we plan to:

  • Speak at Different Churches
  • Visit with Recent Rural Pastor Institute Graduates and Their Families. (Year One-Class of 2022)
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Mission Group Fun Day

We will take a day in between some of our ministry days to experience the beauty of Uganda. Possible activities include:

  • A Visit to the Nile River and Boat Ride

  • Itanda Falls

  • Shopping


Who We Partner With

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Current Projects that we may be involved with at the Rural Pastors Institute Facility and in the Villages:

  • Building a Dairy Shed

  • Receiving Cows

  • Building Goat Fencing, Housing, and Enclosure.


Adult Ministry

Sometimes our team will be working with the men and women of the village. Possible ways we will participate:

  • Sharing the Gospel

  • Biblical Education

  • Sharing a Testimony

  • Group Devotionals

  • Fellowship

  • Help Prepare Meals and Participate in Trip Duties

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