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Sponsor Zach

Follower of Christ, Pastor, Husband Father, and many more titles...

A Bit About Me

I first felt called to missions when I was about 13 years old and ever since I have tried to live my life on mission, the mission of reaching people with the Gospel of Jesus. That life on mission has taken me to the hills Tennessee, to mid-west Michigan, to the shores of the Baltic Sea, the jungles of Brazil, and the pearl of Africa, Uganda. I love to teach and to travel to new places, to meet new friends and to share where ever I go the Gospel of Jesus. I love that I get to be a part of the Rural Pastors Project, where we are helping equip rural pastors with the biblical ministry training they need to help them lead their congregations well. We also are teaching them marketable skills in areas like agriculture, construction, and mechanical repair. We continue the journey.....

Mission Trips



2010 - Present

Every summer we would leave our church on Bikes and travel 400+ miles, over the course of the week sharing the Gospel with as many people as we could, some years we saw 100+ people make decisions to accept Christ.

Mission Trip to Brazil- we worked on building a pit latrine, the foundation of a home for a disabled woman, we also spent time working with disabled people in Recife.

Since 2010 I have taken and lead multiple trips with Orphan Outreach to work in Latvia with orphanages and days centers. It was here that God planted the dream of RPP in my heart.

Beginning in 2012 we began to make trips to Uganda. Since 2019 we have actively been building RPI and are excited to see what God will continue to do!

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